My GitHub page (and gists)


  • credsubs (CRAN, GitHub): An R package for the credible subgroups/subsets methods

Helpful R functions

  • qqfind (gist): Which normal Q-Q plot is of the real data?
  • params.from.quantiles (gist): An R function for finding parameters of normal, beta, and gamma distributions that match a given pair of quantiles

Publication supplements

  • A Bayesian exposure-time method for clinical trial safety monitoring with blinded data: analysis and simulation code (GitHub, ZIP)
  • A Bayesian credible subgroups approach to identifying patient subgroups with positive treatment effects: analysis and simulation code (GitHub, ZIP)
  • A marginal cure-rate proportional hazards model for spatial survival data: analysis and simulation code (GitHub, ZIP)


  • [Beamer Theme] Itasca (GitHub)

Software by others

I didn't write it, but it's been useful to me.

  • [NIMBLE]( Compile BUGS-like models and algorithms to C objects in R.